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Philipsburg School Age Program

Serving Osceola Mills Area

Hours and Locations

Programs available Monday through Friday when school is in session. The program operates at an alternate location on days that the schools are on scheduled breaks.

Hours: 6:00 a.m. to the start of school;
End of school to 6:00 p.m.

Ages: Kindergarten through twelve years of age

Osceola Mills School Age Program at the Osceola Mills Elementary School
(814) 571-6862 (C)

The school age program offer a variety or enriching and recreational activities, as well as restful periods at the end of the school day. Time and space are provided for children to work on homework and assignments. Activities include arts and crafts, clubs, games, cooking and outdoor play.

The program is licensed through the PA Department of Welfare and participates in the Keystone Stars quality initiative program. There is an on-site Head teacher at the location, along with a staff or qualified recreational counselors. Healthy snacks are provided under the supervision of the CDFC Nutrition Coordinator.

We are a participating United Way Agency

boy reading photoFees

Parents may choose one of two payment options for the school year:

True Flat Rate: Parents pay same weekly fee throughout school year. School year program flat rate does not include full day care on school district inservice days, or days when school is not in session. Families who choose the flat rate for the school year will not be able to use full day care on an inservice day.

Blended Rate: Covers full-day care during school district inservice days. Parents pay same weekly fee throughout school year. We have introduced the blended rate so that we do not have to adjust the bill balance on the account following an inservice day.

If you contract for the flat rate, and find that you will need care on an inservice day, you may change your contract to the blended rate prior to the inservice day. It will then remain at the blended rate for the school year.

Snow Policy

Emergency closing is provided at the Philipsburg Elementary School and early dismissal or delay of school care is available at the child’s regular school age program site.

Service on Philipsburg-Osceola Area School District planned break days will be provided at an alternate location.


For enrollment information please contact:

Osceola Mills School Age Program
Jan Bender
(814) 342-5698

For more financial assistance information, go to the Financial Assistance tab above.

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